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kE970 original lcd for nokia

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Date: 7/31/2020


Cdmadl.Com company is a big producer and wholesaler of parts for cell phone and other accessories established in 2004. We are offering an extensive product range and different remarks. our main series are Flex cable, mobile phone LCD Screen , Housings , Battery etc. The remarks we usual carry are: original new, high quality copy Grade A, high quality copy, Renovation new etc. Usually, we will quote the best price for our customers according to their quantity and remarks they need.

Usually, we carry all the latest parts for most of the name brands, such as Nokia, Motorola .Samsung , LG , Nextel, SonyEricsson etc. And we are glad to help you if you need anything special (you can send the picture or tell the model to us by E-mail, we will look for them in the market and reply to you as soon as possible!).

We deeply believe that honest and credit is the basis for long-term business! Our mission is to provide our consumers 100% satisfaction by offering them best service, highest quality products at lowest price!

Followings are our advantages:

Lowest price

we have our own factory and shops, we sell products with first-hand price without any brokers.

Latest Model

We update our products asap after any new model cell phone put in market.

Discount and safe shipping

1) We take very carefully to choose our shipping agent.
2) we try our best to satisfy our customers’ need for shipping. And offer the lowest and safest shipping for our customers if they don’t need a special one.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

First at all, Cdmadl make 100% quality satisfaction Guarantee.
We will try our best to solve any problems we may meet for shipping, payment etc.

For Nokia series from

6208c 8800 Gold Arte N97 6260 slide E63 7100 Supernova 5130 XpressMusic 2330 classic 2323 classic 1661 1202 5800 XpressMusic N85 N79 8800 Carbon Arte 3610 fold 7610 Supernova 7510 Supernova 7310 Supernova 7210 Supernova E71 E66 6600 fold 6600 slide 3600 slide 5320 XpressMusic 5220 XpressMusic 6212 classic 5000 7070 Prism 2680 slide 1680 classic 6300i N96 N78 6220 classic 6210 Navigator 6124 classic 6650 3555 3120 classic 7900 Crystal Prism 2600 classic 1209 3110 Evolve N82 8800 Sapphire Arte 8800 Arte 6301 E51 E51 camera-free 6263 N81 8GB N81 N95 8GB 5610 5310 6555 7900 Prism 7500 Prism 8600 Luna 6500 slide 6500 classic 3500 classic 2630 6267 2760 2660 1650 1208 1200 6120 classic 6121 classic 5700 5070 E90 E65 E61i N776110 Navigator 3110 classic 3109 classic N76 N93i 6290 6086 6300 2626 N75 5300 5200 6288 6085 8800 Sirocco7390 7373 6151 6080 1110i E50 5500 Sport N93 N73 N72 2610 2310 1112 6136 6133 6131 6126 6070 6125 6103 6233 6234 6282 9300i N92 N80 N71 7380 7370 7360 E70 E62 E61 N79 N85 5220 660 0 N96 N95 N96 N95 8GB N95 N93i N93 N92 N91 N90 N82 N81 8GB N81 N80 N78 N77 N76 N75 N73 N72 N71 N70 E90 E71 E70 E66 E65 E62 E61i E61 E60 E51 camera-free E51 E50 9300i 8910i 8800 Sirocco 8800 Sapphire Arte 8800 Arte 8600 Luna 7900 Prism 7900 Crystal Prism 7500 Prism 7070 Prism 6650 T-Mobile 6600 slide 6600 fold 6500s 6500 slide 6500 classic 6300i 6220 classic 6212 classic 6210 Navigator 6124 classic 6121 classic 6120 classic 6110 Navigator 5500 Sport 5320 XpressMusic 5220 XpressMusic 3600 slide 3500 classic 3120 classic 3110 Evolve 3110 classic 3109 classic 2680 slide 2600 classic 1680 classic 1110i 7390 7380 7373 7370 7360 7280 6708 6555 6500 6301 6300 6290 6288 6282 6280 6280 6270 6267 6265 6263 6255 6234 6233 6151 6136 6133 6131 6131 6126 6125 6125 6111 6110 6103 61026101 6086 6086 6085 6080 6070 6060 5700 5610 5310 5300 5200 5070 5000 3555 3250 3152 2770 2760 2660 2652 2650 2630 2626 2610 2310 2255 1600 1209 1208 1200 1112

For Sony-ericsson series from

W705 G705 TM506 T700 W902 W595 W302 C905 S302 F305 J132 K330 G502 Z780 T303 XPERIA X1 G900 G700 G700 Business Edition W980 C902 C702 Z770 T280 T270 R306 Radio R300 Radio W760 Z555 W350 W890 K660 W380 K630 K770 K850 W960 W910 K530 V640 Z320 Z250 P1 T650 S500 T250 Z750 W580 W660 W88 0 Z800 Z800 Z780 Z770 Z750 Z710 Z610 Z558 Z555 Z550 Z530 Z525 Z520 Z320 Z310 Z300 Z250 XPERIA X1 W980 W960 W950 W910 W900 W890 W888 W880 W850 W830 W810 W810 W800 W760 W710 W700 W660 W610 W600 W600i W580 W550 W380 W350 W300 W200 V640 V630 V600 S600 S500 S302 R306 Radio R300 Radio P990 M608 M600 K850 K810 K800 K790 K770 K750 K660 K630 K618 K610 K608 K600 K550im K550 K530 K510 K330 K320 K310 K220 K205 K200 J300 J230 J220 J210 J132 J120 J100 G900 G700 G502 F305 D750 C905 C902 C702

>For Samsung series from

S9402 Ego S3030 Tobi U810 Renown i770 Saga A867 Eternity A777 T919 Behold T459 Gravity E2510 E1110 C6620 i907 Epix A767 Propel i7110 F270 Beat M8800 Pixon S3600 M7500 Emporio Armani M3200 Beat s T339 T229 C510 A637 A837 Rugby A237 B320 B210 M3510 Beat b M200 B2700 F268 T109 E200 ECO D980 B510 E215 B130 i8510 INNO V8 S7330 i740 J800 Luxe M150 M140 M130 L700 i900 Omnia U800 Soul b L870 M620 Impact sf B300 Impact b Impact D780 F110 G400 Sou U900 Soul Steel F480 G810 M310 B200 B110 A827 Access P960 P220 P180 i200 F400 J700 J630 J210 J150 L770 E251 A746 A727 A717 A711 A437 A127 A117 SPH-i325 Ace i640 L320 D500 D510 D800 D820 D900 E830 E840 E900 E250 U600 U700 U900 G600 J60 J700 J750 M600 W579 L760 B500 D888 ZV60 Z720 Z650i Z630 Z620 Z370 Z360 Z240 Z170 X830 X550 X540 X530 X520 U900 Soul U800 Soul b U700 U600 U300 U100 T819 T819 T739 Katalyst T729 Blast T639 T539 Beat T509 T439 T429 T409 Steel SPH-I325 Ace Serenata S730i S720i S501i S401i P960 P940 P930 P310 P260 P220 P200 P180 P110 M620 M610 M600 M310 M300 M11 L870 L770 L760 L600 L320 L310 L170 J750 J700 J630 J610 J600 J400 J210 J200 J150 i900 Omnia i780 i710 i640 i620 i617 lackJack II i607 BlackJack i600 i560 i550 i520 i450 i400 i200 G810 G800 G600 G400 Soul F700 F520 F510 F500 F490 F480 F400 F330 F300 F250 F210 F200 F110 E950 E898 E890 E840 E830 E790 E740 E690 E590 E570 E490 E480 E420 E390 E251 E250 E230 E210 E200 D880 Duos D780 C520 C450 C300 C260 C250 B500 B200 B110 B100 Armai A827 Access A746 A737 A727 A717 A517 A437 A411 A127 A117 MM-A700 SGH-N105 SPH-A400S CH-6100 SGH-N625 SPH-A460 Byline R310 Omnia i910 Renown U810 Hue II R600 Saga i770 Eternity SGH-A867 SGH-A777 Gravity T459 Behold T919 Delve R800 Propel A767 Epix i907 SGH-T109 SGH-A137 SCH-U430 JetSet R550 Sway U650SGH-A637 Rugby A837 Rant M540 Highnote M630 Knack U310 M320 SGH-A237 M220 Messager R450 SGH-A227 / A226 SGH-T339 / T336 SGH-T229 SPH-Z400 Instinct M800 Slash M310 Glyde U940 Access A827 MyShot R430 Spex R210A SCH-U550 Ace SPH-i325 SGH-T819 SCH-R300 SCH-R610 SGH-G600 Mysto Katalyst SGH-T739 SCH-R410 FlipShot SCH-U900 SGH-T439 SLM SGH-A747 BlackJack II SGH-i617 SGH-A737 / SGH-A736 SGH-T639 Juke U470 SGH-A127 Gleam SCH-U700 / Muse Beat SGH-T539 SGH-T429 SCH-i760 SCH-U410 SCH-R200 SGH-A517 SCH-R400 Fin Blast SGH-T729 SGH-E840 SGH-A117 M520 SCH-R500 Hue SGH-T409 SGH-A437 / A436 M300 M510 Wafer R510 SGH-A727 SGH-A717 Ultra Edition 10.9 / U600 UpStage M620 SCH-U540 Heat SGH-T219 SCH-U740 Alias SGH-T329 tripe SCH-U340 / Snap SCH-U620 SCH-U520 SPH-M610 BlackJack SGH-i607 Drift Jitterbug SPH-A110 / A120 SYNC SGH-A707 SGH-T709 SPH-M500 SGH-T619 SGH-T629 SGH-T519 Trace SCH-U420 Nimbus SGH-C417 / C416 SGH-D840 SCH-A870 / Siren SCH-A645 SGH-ZX20 SGH-D900 / Black Carbon SPH-A420 SGH-E900 / E906 SCH-A990 SPH-A640 SGH-X820 SGH-E870 SGH-i320 SGH-T609 SCH-A930 SGH-P850 / P858 SPH-A960 SPH-A580 SGH-X507 / X506 SGH-T719 SGH-D407 / D347 SGH-T509 SGH-D520 SGH-E880 SGH-P300 SGH-D807 / D806 SGH-D800 SGH-E770 SGH-E360 SGH-ZX10 SGH-X700 SGH-X800 SGH-X660 SGH-E350 MM-A920 SGH-T809 / SGH-D820 MM-A900 / SPH-A90 0 / Ace SCH-i830 / IP-830w MM-A940 SGH-D307 SGH-T309 / T319 SGH-i300 SCH-A950 SGH-D357 VI-A820 SCH-A850 PM-A840 SPH-A560 SGH-E760 SGH-D720 SGH-E640 SPH-A860 SGH-D600 SGH-T209 / X495 / X497 / X496 SCH-A970 SCH-A630 MM-A880 SGH-E340 / SGH-E340E SGH-E730 SGH-E620 SCH-A570 SCH-i730 SPH-A800 / MM-A800 SGH-P207 SGH-X475 SGH-X480 SGH-E720 SGH-X640 SGH-P777 SCH-A890 SGH-E335 SPH-A740 / PM-A740 SGH-E635 / SGH-E630 SGH-D500 SGH-C207 SGH-i250 SCH-N330 SGH-E315 SGH-C225 SGH-E610 MM-A700 / SPH-A700 SCH-A770 SGH-P716 / SGH-P710 SGH-P735 / SGH-P730 SPH-i550 SGH-E316 / SGH-E317 SPH-A760 / RL-A760 SGH-X450 SGH-i500 / SGH-i505 SGH-D415 / SGH-D410 SGH-E600 SGH-P705 SGH-P107 SPH-A680 / VM-A680 SCH-A790 / SCH-A795 / IP-A790 SCH-A650 SGH-P500 SGH-X426 / SGH-X427 SGH-E715 SPH-A660 / VI660 SPH-N290 SCH-A670 SGH-X105 SGH-D100 SGH-E105 SCH-A690 SGH-P100 SGH-i700 SGH-X400 SPH-A620 / VGA1000 SGH-D700 SGH-E400 SGH-P400 / SGH-P408 SPH-N270 (Matrix Phone)
SGH-S307 SCH-A610 SPH-A600 SGH-S200 SGH-S300 / SGH-S300m SCH-A530 SGH-V205 / V200 / V206 SPH-i700 SPH-i500 SCH-i600 / SP-i600 SCH-A220 SPH-A540 SPH-A520 SPH-A500 SPH-N240 SPH-N400 SPH-A460 SCH-A310 SGH-V100 SGH-S105 / SGH-S100 SPH-i330 SPH-S100 SPH-A400 SGH-N625 SGH-R225 / SGH-R225M SCH-N370 SPH/SCH-N300 SGH-Q105 SPH-I300 SPH-A250 SCH-N150 SGH-N105 SCH-T300 SGH-A777

>For LG series for

Incite KP152 KS500 KF900 Prada KC780 KP500 Cookie KC910 Renoir KB770 CB630 Invision KP270 KP265 KP260 KP199 KP170 KS360 KF 390 KF350 KF240 HB620T KC550 KF750 Secret KF755 Secret CU915 Vu KF700 KF600 KF510 KT610 KP320 KT520 KM710 MG295 KF310 KF300 KM500 KM386 KM380 KM338 KG375 KP235 KP220 KP215 KP210 KP130 KP110 KP105 KP100 KU385 KU380 U960 KG290 KG288 KS20 KU990 Viewty KE990 Viewty KE590 KE500 KG275 MG160 KU580 KE850 Prada KE970 Shine
KU970 Shine KE770 Shine CU720 Shine KU950 KS10 KU311 Trax CU575 CU515 CU500V CE110 KU250 KE260 KE800 KE820 KU800 U830 L343i L600v KP200 KP202 CU500 U400 U310 U300 KG800 KG810 KE600 KG330 KG320 KG300 CG180 KG270 KG200 KG195 KG920 KU730 U900 V9000 KG245 KG240 KG225 KG220 KG210 KG190 KG130 KG120 KG110 C2600 U890 U8550 M6100 C2500 C1150 S5300 S5200 S5100 S5000 U880 P7200 B2250 B2070 B2050 M4410 M4330 M4300 F3000 F2410 F2250 L342i L341i C3400 C3380 C3320 C3310 C3300 U8380 U8360 U8330 U8290 U8210 U8200 U8180 B2150 B2100 B2000 F2400 F1200 F7250 A7150 L5100 C2200 C2100 G1800 G1700 G1610 F2300 F2100 L3100 C3100 G3100 L1100 C1400 C1200 C1100 G1600 T5100 G7200 G7120 U8150 U8138 U8120 U8110 U8100 G7100 G7070 G7050 G7030 G1500 G5500 G5400 G5310 G5300 G8000 G7020 W7020 G7000 W7000 G5200 W5200 G3000 W3000 B1200 LG 510w LG-600 LG-500 LG-200 CP150 Swift AX-500
Incite CT810 Rhythm AX-585 VX-5500 AX-155 Lotus 600g Invision Chocolate 3 VX-8560 AX-300 / UX-300 Decoy VX-8610 LX-400 enV2 (VX-9100) Vu / CU920 / CU915 Glimmer / UX-830 / Vantage / Spyder Shine CU720 Venus VX-8800 Voyager VX-10000 CU515 VX-5400 Rumor / Scoop / UX-260 CG180 CE110 VX-8350 LX-160 / Flare Wave AX-380 / UX-380 AX-145 / AX-140 / Aloha / UX-140 / 200c Trax CU575 VX-8550 Chocolate Muziq / AX-565 / UX-565 AX-275 VX-8700 VX-9400 enV VX-9900 CU400 / CU405 LX-150 VX-8600 / AX-8600 AX-490 VX-8500 Chocolate VX-5300 / UX-245 / AX-245 CU500 CG225 AX-390 / UX-390 Fusic / LX-550 VX-8300 VX-3400 / 3450 / UX-210 CG300 LX-350 CU320 F9200 Migo VX-1000 AX-4270 / VX-4270 CE500 V VX-9800 AX-5000 / UX-5000 F7200 C2000 C1500 PM-225 VX-3300 / 3280 VX-8100 VX-5200 / 6200 VI-125 F9100 A7110 MM-535 6190 PM-325 G4020 L1150 / L1100 VX-4700 / VX-4650 / AX-4750 / UX-4750 C1300 / G4015 VX-3200 VX-6100 L1200 VX-8000 VX-7000 G4050 G4010 / G4011 VI5225 / 5400A VX-4600 LX-5550 / VX-5550 VX-4500 VX-3100 / 3100A / TM250 VX-6000 5450 L1400 / C1400 AX-355 / UX-355 Dare VX-9700 Trax CU575 LX1200 VX-4400 VX-4100 VX-2000 VX-10 1010 VX-9000 4NE1 TP 5250 VX-1 / TM-520 TP 5200 LX5350 TM-220 TM-510 TP 1100

>For HTC series for

MAX 4G Touch HD Touch 3G Touch Viva S740 Touch Pro Touch Diamond Advantage X7510 P3470 Touch Cruise Touch Dual P6500 S730 TyTN II S630 Touch P6300 Shift Advantage X7500 S710 P3350 P3400 P4350 P3600i P3600 P3300 S620 S310 TyTN MTeoR

>For BlackBerry series for

Curve 8900 Storm 9500 Storm 9530 Pearl Flip 8220 Bold 9000 Pearl 8110 Pearl 8120 Curve 8320 Curve 8310 Curve 8300 8820 8830 World Edition 8800 Pearl 8100 7130g 7130c 7130v 8707v 8700c 7100x 7100t 7100v 7290 7730 7230 6720 6230 7100 7130 7250 7290 7520 7730 7750 7780 8700 8703 8707 8100 8800 8830 8300

> For O2 series for

XDA Guide XDA Zest XDA Ignito XDA Stellar XDA Orbit II XDA Comet XDA Nova XDA Terra XDA Argon XDA Star Cocoon XDA Flame XDA Atom Life XDA Zinc XDA Graphite XDA Orbit Cosmo XDA Stealth Jet Ice XDA Atom Exec XDA Trion

>Form Palm series for

Treo 600, Treo 650, Treo 680, Treo 700p, Treo 755p Treo 755p Treo 800w Treo 750 Treo 700w|wx Treo Pro Centro Treo 500v Treo 750v Treo 270 Treo 180

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